8/22: These Six… No Seven, Seven! …Relics

New build is up! Check out the links to right for the PC, Mac, and Linux zips. :D


As promised, this is the build that adds the firstĀ six seven relics to the game, the six previously previewed relics, and the “secret” seventh I kept under wraps because I do things like that sometimes. :)

Chosen at the start of character creation, relics determine your character’s appearance, what elements they can choose from, and what abilities those elements will provide. I think the relics allow character creation to do a much better job of letting you get a good start on the playstyle you want. :)

The other major feature of the build is revamped ability descriptions. The new descriptions do a much better job of explaining what abilities actually do, and in giving you information you can use to compare abilities and make decisions about which ones suit your needs best.

As previously discussed, the scoreboard has been reset with the release of this build. Good luck climbing to the top!

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