Strange Journeys and Moving Adventures

Strange Journey Redux just came out… and I’m going to moving in the next couple of weeks to boot, so things are going to go semi-dark for a little bit. :)

Next up when I return: working on some tech improvements I’d promised players during the Matter build’s development, but felt were too risky to want to risk derailing the Matter build with.

Shortly after that in no particular order: Relic Upgrade revamp, Character Creation revamp, and Relic Preservation expanding to cover demons (with the resulting speed up in combat this will permit.)

Note that all of the above will probably be a number of smaller releases, rather than one big release like Matter: I’ve learned my lesson about my current job; it keeps me too busy to commit to that much in one build and get it all done in a reasonable time frame. So very likely, what I’ve described above will be four or more smaller releases, rather than another mammoth (but nearly 10 months coming) beast like Matter was.

ETA on my return to the normal development schedule is sometime in early/mid June, but I will remain active on the forum here (and semi-active in other realms), and will still fix any critical bugs that pop up.

Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying the Matter build! Good luck in the Tower!

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