Testing Going Well, At Least For The Game

The characters I’m using to test aren’t having as much luck, but then, it IS Demon. :P There may be a few entries on the scoreboard before the build is actually available. :D

Here’s a screenshot of the latest test subject, a Faithful Heart priest who just entered one of the new sanctums. :D


2 responses to “Testing Going Well, At Least For The Game

    • Thanks. :D Funny enough, I’m going to writing up a post on this soon, I just want to give the build some headline time first. I don’t mind hiding a short version in a post comment a bit early though. :P

      Short version is: currently I work on Demon full time, but that will be switching to part time for awhile here soon. I love working on Demon and I’m happy to give it away for free, but that means I have to do other paying work too sometimes. :D