The Demon’s New Clothes

Also coming in the next build: four new sets (three each, one for each ‘tier’ of the Tower) of modifiers. :) Like most non-unique modifiers, these will be able to show up throughout the Tower at random, pre-applied to the demons you encounter. Additionally, existing demons will be reviewed and, where appropriate, will have one of these new modifiers replace their current inherent one. :)

As a preview, here is the tooltip of the lowest tier member of each new modifier set:

Drakesworn Initiate Ravager Squire2

5 responses to “The Demon’s New Clothes

  1. Hoo boy. I think it’s about time there’s would be regular modifiers that increase vitality agility aside from Deadly+, Frigid+, and xsworn+. From just a glance these all look really interesting. I think they’ll add even more to the game’s replayability with entirely new demon builds becoming viable.

    • It looks like the Ravager+ modifiers will make up for the fact that Hand of Night has disappeared from the game since the nerf to the starting abilities, which is a nice comeback.

      • Yep, Hand of Night is available in every tier of Ravager. :D

        Edit: Though, for the record, Hand of Night was still available… on a certain cryptid’s unique modifier. :)

    • Initiate more or less serves that role for Mind (though it includes some non-Mind Presence cooldown abilities.) Matter and Body don’t feel quite as suited for them yet, at least based on currently available abilities.