There Is Only Power

Another change coming in the next build: Demons across the Tower will have more abilities!

Previously, demons had these ability counts based on Tier:

Tier 1: 3-4
Tier 2: 3-5
Tier 3: 4-5
Unique: Max for Tier +2-3
Hero/Summoner: Always 8

After the next build, the counts will be:

Tier 1: 4
Tier 2: 5
Tier 3: 6
Unique: Max for Tier +2
Hero/Summoner: Always 8

This in effect means that some Tier 1 demons will be gaining a new ability, some Tier 2 demons will be gaining one or even two new abilities, and that all Tier 3 demons will be gaining at least one new ability, possibly two. (Uniques, demons, and summoners will largely not be changing.)

In rare cases, some existing abilities may also be replaced, in addition to the new abilities being added, but this will be infrequent. The goal is to enhance, not redefine.

Soon, I will post some samples of the changed demons. :) Cheers!

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