This May Be Of Interest To Some

One important note reviewing this: the default stable size is now *3*. So Crown still has a stable size of 8 with it’s Capacity Up V upgrade.

The biggest change is of course to Fist: it’s now an Aux Guard/Power start. Appropriately, it gets no extra demon capacity since it won’t really need that if Aux Guard/Power are being used.

The other significant change is that a couple of other Relics with Upgrades that have become more expensive now only have a starting stable size of 5 instead of 6.


4 responses to “This May Be Of Interest To Some

  1. Wait only 3 demons if you’re not using the crown? THat seems excessively harsh. The game was already plenty of difficult to the point where few people were getting through it, and isn’t this going to make even more people pick crown?

    Unless I’m not understanding what you mean by stable.

    WHy such a fundamental change?

  2. Three by default, but all (except the fist) start with capacity II-III, meaning that starting stable size will be 5-6 demons, with crown having 8 just like before, and fist coming last with 3.

    • Ah I see. Whats the reason for the change? Doesn’t giving Fist less Capacity make the aux power less useful? Though I always thought Fist sucked

      • Aux Power and Guard give you bonuses based on *not* having demons summoned. A character with Aux Power III and Aux Guard III and 0 demons summoned has the same bonuses a Hero has.

        Since those Upgrades suggest you won’t be doing a lot of summoning, the starting capacity of 3 shouldn’t be an issue. Moreover, the earliest levels of Capacity Up are fairly cheap: if it turns out you do want a larger stable size on Fist, it won’t take long to get started on it.

        Joe’s correct re: the stable sizes in general: these really haven’t changed much for anyone but Fist, I just made the default 3 and gave out Capacity Up to most Relics so that Fist could have 3.