Upgrade Costs Progress

UI is close to done, just need some messaging about current upgrade points while in this interface and greying out ones you can’t afford. :D Costs shown here are not final, but they are an indication where my thoughts are heading. :D For reference, 10 is the “normal” cost for an upgrade. Less than 10 will be easier to get than an upgrade is in the current build, more than 10 will be harder.


4 responses to “Upgrade Costs Progress

  1. Why is Soul Armour so pricey? I only find it particularly powerful with a speed boosting demon like Vikhor.

    How much is Demon Capacity Up going to be? Will it stay the same or go up and down with each purpose (i.e will Demon Capacity +1 cost the same as Demon Capacity +2?)

    • Soul Armor’s pricey at the moment because of how powerful it is to be able to (effectively) customize the main character’s resistances/weaknesses. The costs aren’t final though, some tweaks are almost certain to happen.

      Ranks of Capacity Up will cost different amounts depending on which one we’re talking about. The first ones will be relatively cheap: the later ones will likely be some of the most expensive upgrades in the current game.