Whew, Encounter Design Done :P

Finally finished the encounter design (including the encounters for the 2 new Sanctums!) Still have to enter them in, but that’s the easy part. :P

Roughly 400 or so different encounters exist in Demon at the moment. 85 new encounters (including 21 “rare” ones for non-Tower levels) are being added to the spawn tables, and 46 existing encounters are being changed as a result of the Matter build. (This only counts cases where the number and/or types of demons in an encounter changed: it does not include cases where a demon’s stats/abilities/resists changed, since at that point virtually every counter would count as changed. :D )

Once these’re entered in, the only major task left is finishing the remaining character sprites for the default set, then it’s test build time. :D That *will* be a major task, so we’re probably still several days out… but we’re darn close now!

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