Yet More Foes and Friends

Switching back to my sprites for this preview, here’s some more of the new demons and other Tower dwellers coming up in the Tower:27-29 build!

IjiraqIjiraq: Inuit mythology speaks of these shapeshifters which are capable of existing in multiple planes of existence at once. Neither ability is fully perfect: they often appear to be only partially in phase, and when taking human form, their facial features are sideways relative to normal humans.

MeameiMeamei: One of a clan of women from Australia who once hoarded the gift of fire away in their magical staves, until they were tricked into releasing it by Wahn the Crow. In other tales, the Meamei eventually ascend to become the Pleiades star cluster.

AthenaAthena: A renowned Greek goddess governing war, wisdom, and crafting. Most mortals regard her favorably, but she in fact possesses quite a temper: her vindictive curses upon mortals are responsible for the existence of multiple other beings present in the Tower, including Arachne and Medusa.

ThorThor: A famous Viking god who is most well known for his association with storms, but also claims strength and fertility as his domains. It is believed he protects both Asgard, the realm of AEsir, and Midgard, the realm of mortals from threats such as Jotunn. So high in the esteem of mortals does he stand that a day of the week (Thursday) remains named for him even in the present era.

ShivaShiva: A many-faceted and powerful Hindu god who stands equal to Brahma and Vishnu as one of the utmost divine entities. At times benevolent and serene, he can be overwhelmingly fierce when finally roused to anger. He is called “The Destroyer” for the role he plays in the ever progressing cycle of the cosmos.

VolohVoloh: A wizard who dedicated his life to unraveling the deepest secrets of magic. As part of his studies, he discovered information about the Tower and immediately knew it would be the perfect laboratory for continuing his research. The very few Summoners who meet him near the Tower’s apex are just more opportunities to test his continually growing power and knowledge.

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  1. If there will ever be achievements in Demon, one of them should be for allowing Arachne or Medusa land a killing blow on Athena