More New Friends and Foes

Here’s another preview of some of the new demons that inhabit floors 27 to 29 of the Tower, this time using Geminimax’s sprites. :D

AsuraAsura: One of a clan of divine beings, said to be the heirs of a great sage, that is inclined towards aggression, violence, and hostility, but not necessarily outright evil. They are restless in their desire to make war upon the Sura.

GrootslangGrootslang: The Grootslangs were one of the first animals created by the gods, but their overwhelming strength and plentiful cunning proved too dangerous to be possessed by a single creature, so they were split into two different animals: elephants and serpents. However, it seems of them were overlooked and are rumored to live in South Africa, as well as being present in the Tower.

Kaliga-OnKaliga-On: A volcano spirit of the Philippines that will watch over and protect humans of good conduct, but send diseases and plagues upon those whose actions it does not approve of.

Night-GauntNight-Gaunt: Servants of Nodens, a primal Lord of the Great Abyss. These faceless creatures are normally not as malevolent as their appearance may suggest, but those in the Tower are invariably and unusually aggressive towards Summoners.

SuraSura: One of a clan of divine beings, said to be the heirs of a great sage, that is inclined towards peace, benevolence, and tranquility, but not necessarily good. They are locked in a cycle of endless conflict with the Asura.


One response to “More New Friends and Foes

  1. By Azura By Azura By Azura! We are in the end game now boys, regular packs will contain only divine and ancient creatures

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