You’re Going To Like The Way They Look… I Guarantee It.

Another bonus coming in the next build: Geminimax has been going through and doing upgrades on his previous character sprites. :D Here’s a few samples of some of the results (old on left, new on right):

Ukobach: Ukobach->Ukobach2

Blob: Blob->Blob2

Pelesit: Pelesit->Pelesit2

Ghoul: Ghoul->Ghoul2

Zar: Zar->Zar2

Umibozu: Umibozu->Umibozu2

Kitsune: Kitsune->Kitsune2

The new sprites look pretty awesome, no? :) Thanks Geminimax!

5 responses to “You’re Going To Like The Way They Look… I Guarantee It.

  1. That’s a big deal! Ukobach, Blob and Ghoul really look neat. The rest I haven’t even met yet! Thank you, Geminimax!

    • Even a two frame idle animation would double the workload, so not likely. More importantly, animations can be seriously annoying if you can’t toggle them off/change the animation speed.

      Rift Wizard, for example, gave me quite the headache at first. I eventually got used to it, but “got used to it” isn’t the kind of praise that justifies doubling the workload of making sprites.

  2. Tangentially related, will there ever be selectable character sprites for player summoners/wraiths? Gendered sprites, for instance?

    • I don’t want to add anything else to this current push (especially on the art front, which is already the biggest chunk), but that’s not a bad idea.

      Fun fact: In the oldest days of Demon, the player character was going to be a specific character (still nameable, but in the manner of JRPG characters where you picked then name, but the character was the same.) This is most obvious if you look at the original sprite set of them as opposed to Genimimax’s: by the time he was helping out, I’d already abandoned that idea so when he was working on the sprites I didn’t request that (which is why they vary a bit more.)