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Hey folks!

Well, it’s been a week, and so far the Brand build seems to be a great success. Much of the credit for that has to go to the folks who patiently endured the bugs and balance issues present in the test builds that I was providing for the last few months, so let me give a thank you to everyone who helped me out by playing those. :D

That said, squeaking in Demon time while also doing overtime at work has been kinda draining. Work is about to calm down soon, but I need a bit of a break before I jump back into the next piece of Demon development.

I will keep an eye on things here and on Discord in case any significant bugs pop up and address those promptly, as always. But, barring that, I plan on taking a break from development work for roughly 4-6 weeks. This will cover the remaining period of overtime at work (expected to be 1-3 weeks, a bit uncertain still) and also give me a bit of time to rest up from the Brand build push.

It will also give me time to enjoy a certain video game that came out last week… something about three houses. :)

Until sometime in September, thank you for all your support, and good luck in the Tower!

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7/21: Our Time Has Finally Come


It took waaaayyyy longer than I’d hoped, but we’re finally here! The Brand build is officially released, and the links to the right have been updated! Thank you to everyone who helped with testing, thank you to everyone period for your patience, and thanks Zyalin for providing another piece of fan art for me to use for the announcement, this one depicting a Summoner who seems to prefer spectral allies! :D

Even if you played the last Brand test build, there will be new goodies awaiting you. Besides some bug fixes and balance tweaks, there are also new Brand modifiers, as well as Brand-related Relic Upgrades, including Create Brand, which allows you to sacrifice a demon to gain a new Brand based on its Modifier. :) Oh, and I nearly forgot, you can now also view previous messages by pressing F12!

As you’d probably expect, this version uses a new scoreboard version. :)

Everything else I would say, I’ve probably said over the last half a year or so. Enjoy, and good luck in the Tower!

Brand Build Release Date: 7/21!

Just dropping a small, but hopefully exciting note. :D The official release of the full Brand build has been scheduled for 7/21!

It’s been a long time in the works, but I hope it proves worth the wait. :) Thank you everyone for your patience and support, and when the time comes, I wish you good luck in the Tower!

Zyalin’s Art Website

Hey folks. :)

Zyalin, who has recently been creating a ton of awesome fan art for Demon, put together his own website to house his work. :D If you’ve liked his Demon pieces, you should go check out the rest at https://zyalin.wixsite.com/zyalin-art.

As for Demon itself, the Brand Build continues to make progress: I’ve finished the rest of the Create Brand modifier lists and hooked them all up, and I’ve started wresting with how to display message history. Once that and some last bits of polish and solo testing are done, we’ll be good to go.

Cheers, and good luck in the Tower!

More Art From Zyalin + Small Progress Update

Hey folks. :D First, another awesome piece of fan art from Zyalin, this time of an Abbey Lubber. Abbey Lubbers have become an oddly intense subject of conversation of late in the Demon section of the /r/Roguelikes Discord, and I’m still not sure why, but it makes sense why Zyalin would choose to depict one given that. :)


And also, a small progress update: I’ve nearly created all the Brand modifier rulesets for use with Create Brand! Once I finish that, the only big thing left before release will be adding a method for viewing more message log history. Still in slow mode due to work, but we’re finally in the home stretch. :D

Cheers, and good luck in the Tower!

Creating Brands From A Forest Friend

I decided to ask Actaeon… well, several Actaeons, actually… to help me test out Create Brand:


Let’s see what they ended up producing:

CreateBrand2 CreateBrand3 CreateBrand4

Create Brand’s results depend on the modifier the demon has. As you’d probably expect, Actaeon’s Well Fed modifier tends to produce Brands that penalize Speed, but give defensive bonuses. The word “tends” here is important: there is still a significant random component to Brands made via Create Brand, so you will sometimes see deviations from what you might expect from a given modifier. Still, usually, the result will be fairly consistent on at least the major beats, such as Well Fed’s Speed penalty.

Now I just have to create Brand modifier lists for the other several dozen character modifiers. :P

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Work Picking Up Again

The timing’s a bit demonic, but work’s picking up to a heavier than normal level again, so the full release of Brands may be a little ways off still.

I think I’ve said most of this before in scattered places, but just to reiterate what’s coming:

1) A new Brand Upgrade (still working on the name) that lets you convert demons into Brands. The Brands will tend to have modifiers of types related to the sacrificed demon’s modifier. Unique modifiers will have unique tendencies.

2) Another new Brand Upgrade that raises the number of Brands you can carry significantly.

3) More new Brand modifiers.

4) Some method of viewing past message log messages.

5) A few more tweaks and adjustments to previous Brand content.

Once I can finish all that, the full release will be… well, released. :D Thank you to everyone who’s helped with playtesting the Brand builds up to this point, and another thank to everyone period for your patience with the slower update pace this year. Changes at work have definitely slowed me down from my previous working pace for Demon which is a bummer, but I greatly appreciate everyone being cool about it and remaining supportive of Demon despite the slower pace.

Until next time, good luck in the tower!

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