New Friends For New Summoners

The happy return of the starting ally selection screen. :D


And now, a quick peek at the two new starting ally choices: the Familiar and the Tulpa. :) (IMPORTANT: Abilities, stats, and resistances not necessarily final… though, as starter allies, their abilities will follow the format of “main ability”, Draw Wounds, Refresh, and “support ability”, and none of the main/support abilities are supposed to be all that exciting :P )



5 responses to “New Friends For New Summoners

  1. Familiar could be fun but tulpa looks lame, I couldn’t imagine choosing it. Lowering accuracy isnt that dependable and debuffing is more useful when you have a full team.

    Though in reverse I wonder if Familiar will end up obviously more powerful than Hommunclous in battle, except for sacrifice fodder (I prize my Homunculus for the Guarding Cry it grants me with Transpose Soul more than anything.

    • Ah, crap! You tripped over the spam filter (it gets twitchy about links of any kind.) Sorry about that, please let me know if that happens again. I can manually override for actual humans, but I have to know there’s one there to do that with. :D

      I’m still waffling a bit on the Tulpa’s abilities as it turns out. Distract is a powerful debuff, especially if combined with other sources of avoiding hits (accuracy, high Agility, defense abilities). It actually used to be the Freybug starter ability instead of Hinder long ago, but it ended up being too powerful for a Tower:1 enemy. That said, I agree it is probably not very exciting even if it IS very effective.

      All three of them will have the same modifier Hommie does now, so you won’t lose access to Guarding Cry no matter who you go with. :D Familiar vs. Hommie is a bit of a contest: Mind Spike doesn’t hit as hard, and resistance is sometimes an issue, but it is an early ranged attack that doesn’t have cooldown issues, so that’s something. I’ll be curious to see how people end up going on that question. :D

  2. Neat, though Familiar does occupy a rarer niche than Homuclous, since there’s lots of melee familars early on.

    If links trigger the spam filter, why did you put a website bar in the leave a reply form?

    • Huh. That’s the default setting for this web blog template. It somehow never occurred to me before this. Let me see if I can change it.