Small Update

Hey folks. :) Just wanted to drop a line on the current plan.

Just wrapped up a major deadline at work on Friday that unfortunately had taken up most of my energy for the past couple of weeks. However, I’m on holiday break from now until Jan 3rd and after a few days to relax, I will be switching over to a heavy chunk of Demon work. :)

I can’t promise it will be enough to completely finish the Matter build… but it will get us pretty close at the very least.

Thank you everyone for your patience with the slower development pace while I’m working full time. :) I think the wait will prove to be worth it. :D

Oh, and one last thing: I’ll announce the details on the forum at a future date, but I plan on doing a test run of this build before wider release. You won’t need to sign up or anything like that, I just will be posting the build links in the forum instead of in the usual spots so that I’m more likely to hit people aware of the fact it’s a test build and who are okay with the fact it may have bugs (even very nasty bugs, potentially, though I hope to catch most of those before even the test build, especially since I’m not taking great pains to limit distribution.)

Happy holidays!

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