Chug Chug Chug

A quick progress report: I’m wrapping up the last of the art on my end, which I hope to be finished with this weekend. After that, it will be on to implementation of the end game encounters.

Unsurprisingly, there will be a small amount of new work there since these aren’t exactly your usual encounters, but do not worry: I am mindful of the error committed by some games where the end game encounters, in a desire to be “different” end up being wildly different from what came before to the point of being a curveball that doesn’t follow the rules you’ve been learning and working with up to that point.

For obvious spoiler reasons, I can’t go into the few tweaks being made there; I mostly just wanted to underline that I won’t be trying anything completely out of left field. There will be powerful (and even some VERY powerful) demons, and heroes as well. They’ll have new abilities (even some not seen in the previous build’s giant pile of new abilities); some of these are pretty wild, but still balanced (after all, even at the end, you can gain access to them!) There will be a few possibly unexpected, but within fair bounds, quirks here and there. :) But overall, my goal is to make it a fair, challenging endgame for everyone’s runs going forward.

No new preview material this time, though I will reveal Part 2 of “These Creatures Are But Slaves Of The Gods” next week. :D

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