Light & Dark Revamp Notes

Hey everyone. :) Wanted to give a brief peek at some of what’s coming in the next build’s Light and Dark revamp.

First, let’s look at the new starting Light and Dark options for Faithful Heart:


Both Light and Dark primaries start off with a “miracle” (a wide radius area effect spell that hits all enemies who meet a certain condition) ¬†and a “mien” (a passive that adds extra bonuses to Light and Dark spells when the targets meet certain conditions.) For Light, the pair is Humble (a massive attack on all enemies at or above their base maximum health) and King’s Mien (adds Guilt to your Light and Dark attacks hitting enemies at maximum health.) For Dark, the pair is Agony (solid damage to all enemies without Agony status, but applies Agony status) and Fool’s Mien (adds Pariah to your Light and Dark attacks hitting enemies who did not use damage-dealing abilities on their previous turn.)

Both pairs are designed to give the player a very major miracle to open battle with: Humble will deal a solid chunk of damage to enemies at the start of an encounter, with King’s Mien throwing Guilt on most or all of them, allowing you and your allies to heal yourselves by making further attacks on the targets. Dark primary’s Agony deals a bit less damage than Humble, but unlike Humble, there is a chance you may get to re-use it during an encounter (since Agony can wear off, leaving enemies vulnerable to it once again.) Fool’s Mien applies Pariah to targets who did not attack the previous turn, thus, if Agony is used as an opening move, you will often get Pariah to apply to at least a couple of targets. Focusing firing on a Pariah’d target will spread damage to its allies, allowing your team to quickly eliminate groups of enemies.


Light and Dark’s secondaries are both 40 Power smite attacks. On paper, they probably don’t look impressive. They’re cheap and can’t miss, but 40 Power is less than even a basic attack. But, since they also deal Light and Dark damage, both can trigger King’s Mien or Fool’s Mien, giving you additional ways to trigger these effects. Additionally, both also make cheap, easy ways to trigger Guilt and Pariah’s effects as well.

Of course, with so many changes to Light and Dark abilities, many enemies who use those powers have had their ability sets changed as well. Let’s look at a few of them!


The meager Easg Saint is a bit more deadly these days: though Censure is weaker than the attack it used to have, it has no cooldown or conditions on its use at all, allowing Easg Saints to chain smite (if weakly) a target with impunity. If the target used a damaging ability last turn, Judge’s Mien will trigger, staggering the target and delaying their next turn. Quiet Prayer is no longer needed since Easg Saints have no cooldown abilities, so it has been replaced with Refresh.


Angels use Smite rather than Censure: a bit higher SP cost, but higher damage too. It does have a cooldown of 1 turn, but that isn’t relevant since the Angel possess no other Light cooldown abilities. Angel’s Mien causes Light and Dark damage to have a fairly high chance to Stun targets if they are adjacent to the caster, together with their healing and defensive buffs, Angels can be tricky to take down with melee attacks.


From the Dark side, let’s look at Shikigami. The main upgrade over the previous iteration is the addition of Malice, the middle tier Dark smite. However, here, unlike Smite and the Angel, the 1 turn cooldown does come in to play due to the presence of Cull: after a Shikigami uses Cull (which hits all enemies at half or less health), it will briefly be unable to use Malice while the shared cooldown decrements. Fool’s Mien from the Faithful Heart Dark primary is also here, causing both attacks to inflict Pariah if they find a target that did not attack the previous turn. Shikigami will often use Malice to inflict Pariah on a target, then attack that target repeatedly in hopes Pariah will drag most or all of their foes into Cull range. Incidentally, Cull can become quite deadly if it hits many targets already affected with Pariah…


Last, but absolutely not least, the Ikiryo. Already a dreaded foe of the upper tower, he now has the top tier Dark smite, Rage. Rage is a 70 Power smite, but has a 2 turn cooldown, and thus can only be used every other turn (and like Malice, would be shut down completely for awhile if a longer Dark cooldown ability was used.) Rage’s presence here gives the Ikiryo a longer range option, and also makes it difficult for low health targets to hide from it, since Rage, unlike the Drain spells, does not require a clear line of fire.

This isn’t a complete list of the changes to creature ability lists by any means: only a small preview. :) Hopefully the build will be ready relatively soon. :D Cheers!

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