Making progress on capture polish

Hey folks. :) Been a week since my last post, so I figured I’d give a small update.

The second half of the capture mechanic polish pass is going pretty well. :) “Defeat X in Y turns” mechanics now support travel between floors and also reveal the location of the nearest enemy on the map for the duration of the attempt. This should make these capture attempts much better and more fair gameplay-wise. You’ll be able to see the marker on both the mini map that is always visible, and on the main map.


Protect captureables now have the ability to spawn enemies to attack the target, finally bringing this particular mechanic to the level it was supposed to be at. :) Here we can see an Asrai being mobbed by angry peasants. :) (Note: The spawned enemies aren’t worth XP for balance reasons, but you do get XP for successful captures.. and of course the demon itself is also a reward.)


Also looking at a little more polish to encounter management: there’s still a teeny bit of double encountering going on of the ‘both at once’ kind I don’t approve of, going to see if I can tweak that out of existence. :D

Finally, going to see if I can figure out a way to squeeze the UI into a smaller size resolution so people can play on smaller monitors. No promises on this one, but I’m going to at least look. :)

3 responses to “Making progress on capture polish

  1. Isn’t the spawn of UNKNOWN monsters for protect captureable too cruel? I mean some builds can be vulnerable to those monsters and the failure can result in distrust spread. Maybe list type of spawned monsters in capture description so player can decide whether it is a good idea to try the capture?

    • It’s worth keeping an eye on, but I think it’ll be alright. There are some self-imposed rules I’m following for which monsters are used in this way. :)

      If it gets out of hand though, I can see about finding a way to include that information in the capture details. Generally speaking though, they’re designed so that you’ll have good odds of success so long as you clear out all other demons before beginning the attempt, have your entire party still in relatively good condition, and have some access to healing/buffing abilities to keep the target in good shape. (If your build/party isn’t good at healing/buffing, you can probably generally expect Protect captureables to be a bit tricky, but this would be true regardless of what spawns. On the other hand, healing items are the most common ones found, so there is a way out even then.)

      • Good, I can stop worrying then :) I guess it can be interesting/fun to use some flavor monsters for spawning like protect an angel from demons or from some other holy beings (they didn’t like the traitor) though I suspect you are already doing something like that. Thanks for the reply.