Next build is nearly here :D

Hey everyone. :) The next build is nearing completion. :) I hope to have it ready sometime tomorrow or Wednesday.

Here’s a quick reminder of the major new stuff coming:

  • The “Kill X enemies in Y turns” mechanic has been improved: these creatures can in many cases follow you to new levels in search of targets, and also show you the location of the nearest enemy on your map.
  • The “Protect target for X turns” mechanic has finally been fully implemented: these encounters now spawn enemies specifically to attack the target.
  • Some further tweaking and refinement of the encounter management systems added last build.
  • 4 new unique demons (each with unique modifiers to bestow when used with a Matrix!): two appear relatively early in the Tower, two appear relatively late.
  • Improved support for smaller desktop resolutions.

After this build is released, I’ll be taking a small break for the Thanksgiving holiday, then diving into content, content, content. :D I’ll post again when the build’s done. :)

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