11/9: Smaller Spaces

Another build so quick? Yep. :D It’s even a fairly significant one! The build links on your right have been updated, grab your favorite flavor and go. :D

The major changes in this build are the introduction of a rudimentary set of encounter control features designed to prevent double encounters and (now that it is no longer necessary as an artifical/hacky means of preventing double encounters) and a very significant reduction in the size of dungeon floors.

It is my expectation that double encounters are virtually (not completely, but almost!) eliminated based on my own testing, which considering that is true on top of the dungeon floors containing roughly only 25% of the playable area they did before, is a pretty good result for a first pass.

You can see the difference in level size from this pair of Tower maps below. On the left you have one of the new levels, on the right, one of the previous ones. It’s worth noting that I have not made an attempt to upgrade level generation yet: this was just a size reduction. :) Level generation improvements will come once I’m back onto content development.


Next up, the remaining capture mechanics polishing, then… the wide, wide world of content development! :D

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