Next Build Is In Testing

Here’s the rather extensive change log to give you guys something to read until it is ready for release. :D

Unity 5 Update
- This is the first version of Demon to use Unity 5, as opposed to Unity 4.
- Significantly improved performance achieved in part thanks to finally having access to profiling tools.

Geminimax Sprite Set Updates
- This build contains a significant number of updates to the Geminimax Sprite set. They’ve gotten quite a bit more awesome as a result. :)

Revamp: Light and Dark
- The majority of Light and Dark abilities have been significantly changed, and several new ones have been added.
- In general, single-target smite abilities now have few or no restrictions other than brief cooldowns, and multi-target smiting is available under the right conditions, with longer cooldowns.
- There are also a wide variety of passives available which modify Light and Dark attacks based on various conditions being met.
- The hope is that this will make both elements more interesting and fun to use and battle against.
- Relic and demon ability sets, modifier ability sets, and the like have been adjusted as a result of these changes.

Revamp: Credits
- Most Transmutations that involve demons now use the demon’s starting level in the cost formula, rather than the demon’s current level. This includes: Copy Ability, Restore Demon, Fuse Demon, Revelation, and Recycle.
- Several costs have been adjusted directly, in addition to the previous change. Most notably, Copy Ability is *significantly* cheaper.

Balance Changes
- Strength’s bonus now adjusts non-status condition damage taken by characters. (Yes, characters with low bonuses will take additional damage.) Several stat tables for relics and characters have been adjusted to account for this change.
- Enemy bonus MaxHP generated at spawning is no longer random; thus, enemies with the same stats and abilities will always have the same MaxHP and no longer need to be individually inspected.
- Nightengale no longer recovers SP or time-based cooldowns at an increased rate.
- Enemy Sense’s extra encounter now spawns a bit further away from your current position than before in hopes no one else will be trapped in a corner by a surprise extra encounter with an enemy summoner…
- Self-buffs are no longer available from the Blessed and Imbued modifiers.
- SP damage/drain effects now damage/drain more SP.
- Heroic Resistance now applies to SP damage/drain.
- Adjusted the SP costs and cooldowns of Buff/Debuff ”battle cries.”
- Lucky Charm now clears the target’s Luck cooldown instead of reducing it by 1, but has a higher SP cost to compensate.
- Satyr have swapped Might for Alert, making them more annoying, but less deadly.

- The AI is now a bit more selective about using effects that give turns to or stagger targets.

- When the main character levels up, you are no longer immediately forced to spend the points at once. Instead, Level Up is now in the Transmutations menu whenever the player has bonus points to spend.
- Note that Level Up being an option will ALWAYS cause the Transmutations button to glow, even if suggestions have been turned off!
- Cells containing entities that will be affected by an ability are colored differently in targeting UI now. This is most useful when using abilities that only affects targets that meet certain conditions.
- Selecting an ability again while you are selecting a target for it will be treated as an attempt to confirm usage on the currently selected target. This applies whether you are clicking on the ability’s hotbar button or pressing it’s hotkey button.
- If you end up with too many or duplicate demons, you are now forced into the Transmutations menu until you resolve the problem (as opposed to being forced to delete one immediately.)

Bug Fixes
- Effects that check % of HP rather than dealing direct damage or healing now work as expected on heroes or those under the effect of Heroism. The same is also true for Minions.
- Draw Wounds no longer reduces bonus MaxHP when used.
- Target area glow is no longer erroneously darkened during some uses of the targeting UI.
- Fixed a centering issue in the Your Score display.
- Corrected some typos and control labelling errors in the manual.

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