Brand Test Build 8 Is Up!

Brand Test Build 8 is up! This one fixes nearly every reported Brand Test Build bug so far, except a couple I had to put in the icebox due to not being able to repro them, or not being a good time investment at the moment.

The usual forum post has the links:

Assuming there are no new major issues introduced in this build, I’ll finally be moving on to adding the remaining Brand-related content next for Brand Test Build 9. Cheers, and good luck in the Tower!

Brand Test Build 8 this Sunday

Whew. :) My free time is finally… well, mine again. :D

I should be able to release Matter Test Build 8 this week, which will fix all current bugs (except any I decide to stuff in the post-release icebox, but that is rare.)

After that, I will immediately begin on #9, which will add the first batch of remaining Brand-related content.

Cheers, and good luck in the Tower!

Next Brand Test Build Soon

Hey folks. :) Apologies for the slower updates this month; April’s had a lot going on, but I should have more development time available after this week.

The bugs are starting to wind down nicely: most of the ones left / being reported recently are balance or polish issues, rather than critical or systemic, so I’ll be switching over to beginning to work on the remaining Brand-related content soon, including Brand-related Relic Upgrades, Brands spawning on corpse encounters, and new Brand modifiers. :)

Thank you everyone for your help with testing, and for your patience while life’s kept me a bit busier than usual. :)

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Hopping Mad

Zyalin posted another awesome piece of Demon fan art for me to share. This one depicts Jiang Shi, a Chinese vampire known for using hopping as its main form of locomotion. :D The paper talisman attached to its face is a component of the ritual that creates the Jiang Shi.

Thanks Zyalin! :)


Next Test Build Next Week

Hey folks, just a quick update: I should have time to get some more bug fixes in and put out a new test build sometime next week. :) Thank you to everyone who has been reporting game results and giving me bug reports, they are a big help. :D

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Ferret At Rest


Taking a brief break over a long weekend to enjoy Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. :D I’ll keep an eye on the forum in case any horrid bugs come up with the Brand Test Builds though. :) Good luck in the tower until I get back in the saddle next week!