4 responses to “Stone Cold

  1. That sounds like a death sentence…

    So it delays the turn, for 5 turns, so it would be as if it lasted much longer, right?

    or are the 5 turns independent from the user? Honestly, I forgot how it works

    • Currently, it takes 2.5 turns to convert from Harden to Stone, and lasts 5 turns as Stone. The duration shown in the tooltip is in raw time, not user turns, so that’s 5 standard turns, not 5 including the delay (i.e.: the delay *is* 5 turns.)

      Those numbers aren’t.. uh… carved in stone yet though. Still testing it out and seeing what feels right. Same for success rates on skills that apply it and what not: it currently uses the Charm success rate and SP cost scaling (i.e.: somewhat low odds and somewhat expensive to attempt.)

    • At least in this version, yeah. :) Still mulling over the details, but it will definitely impact resistances in some way.