New Icon Art by Ontoclasm


You may have noticed I’ve been avoiding screenshots lately. :) There’s been a reason for that: I didn’t want to risk spoiling the surprise addition to the upcoming balance build. New interface and ability icon art by Ontoclasm!

LeechTouch Magic Transmutations

And now, the Ontoclasm version of one of my favorite things to show off about Demon:


Like with Geminimax’s character sprites, there is an option in the options menu for switching back to the old interface and ability icons if you prefer, but Ontoclasm’s icon set will be the active interface and ability icon set used by default.

If you’d like to see more of Ontoclasm’s work, you can check out his itch page here:

Thank you for the awesome work on these, Ontoclasm! It’s going to be awesome having these in the game. :)

One response to “New Icon Art by Ontoclasm

  1. Those are looking great! I like them a lot!
    I really enjoy the interface of DEMON already, but the new icons will make things even better. :D