A New Beginning

Also in the next build: a new start up menu that allows you to access options and the Shared or Spoiled versions of the Codex Daemonium. (You still have to enter the game a specific character to view the Codex in Solo mode.) Hopefully this will help improve visibility of the option menu, and fulfill a player request to allow Codex access from outside the main game. :)


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Back At It

Alrighty, break time is over. :)

I’ve started work on the next build which (has previous discussed) will be small fixes build. Going to take care of a balance problem with Miasma Aura first, and then at least try to make save game data a little more protected against unexpected power outages by improving the backup system. There’s a couple of other improvements I intend to try too, but would rather save mentioning those until/unless I get them working right. (They aren’t THAT exciting for most folks; just some UI changes a couple of players have requested that I promised I’d try for. :P ) Cheers!

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Development Break Ending Soon

Hey folks. :) Just dropping a line to remind everyone my short break from Demon development will be ending soon, in about another week or so. After that, I’ll begin work on a small build with some improvements / bug fixes / balance changes, and following that, I’ll begin work on the Tower:27-29 build. :D Cheers!

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Catalina Update

I’ve added the following, in a Readme file, to the 3/2/2020 Mac version zip. Note that there is no new build content in that zip, just the new text file which I’m also posting here, so no reason to download it if you already have it, you can just read it here:


The Catalina version of Mac OS sometimes requires a little extra work on the part of users to get Demon running properly.

I’ve included the steps required here, and I apologize for the trouble. I am researching a method to remove the necessity of this annoyance from your plate, but up to this point I haven’t had any luck yet.

Should the steps included here NOT work for you, please contact me via the Bug Reports section of the forum at http://forum.ferretdev.org/ and I will be happy to assist you to the best of my ability.

Cheers, and good luck in the Tower!

- FerretDev (Herbie)

When trying to run Demon on OS Catalina, a dialogue window containing the text “The application “Demon” can’t be opened.” appears.

To fix this, perform the following steps.

1. Right-click Demon and select “Show Package Contents” from the pop-up menu.

2. Navigate to Contents->MacOS

3. You will see two files in Contents/MacOS: Demon and Demon.dat.

4. From the Applications folder, open Terminal.

5. Type the following in Terminal (excluding quotes, including the trailing space), but do not hit Enter yet: “chmod +x ”

6. Drag the Contents/MacOS/Demon file into the Terminal window, then Drop it to the right of the line you typed in Step 6.

7. Click on the Terminal window and hit Enter.

8. Navigate back out of Demon’s Package Contents. Demon should now run normally when you double click it.

If there are any errors in these steps, or if they do not fix the issue for you, please let me know on the forums at http://forum.ferretdev.org/ Thanks!

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Shin Megami Samurai

Hey folks :D

With Nioh 2 coming out this week, and Persona 5 Royal coming out a couple of weeks later, we’ve hit a situation where two fairly meaty games I’ve been looking forward to for awhile are coming out in close proximity.

Knowing myself as I do, I will be pretty distracted for awhile, so I figure I should just own it and acknowledge I’ll be taking a break from Demon development for a month or so, with the exception of continuing to monitor the forums and Discord for any bugs or issues that pop up.

Speaking of which, there is a known issue with Demon and the Catalina version of Mac OS. I’m currently researching this; I have a temporary workaround, but it is on the user end, rather than my end, which is not what I would prefer. I will put out an updated 3/2/2020 Mac build soon with the same build the current zip file has, but also including instructions on the workaround, while I continue to try and find a way around it on my end so people don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Cheers, and good luck on the new Tower floors!

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