3/1: To New Heights

The 3/1 build has been released; the links to the right have been updated accordingly. :)

The Tower now spans 26 Floors, with over a dozen new demons and over 40 new abilities to discover. Some of the demons, and many of the abilities, may appear well before you reach the new floors.

This build also includes some UI updates centered around handling of rejected Brands when exploring, as well other small improvements and bug fixes.

Good luck in the Tower… and beware of Thrones!


Still On Target

We’re still on target for a March 1st release for the new build. :)

In addition to implementing encounters for the new dungeon floors, I’ve also been going back to older Sanctums and slipping in some of the new demons as rare encounters. :) You can run into Thrones and Nuckelavees long before reaching their homes at the Tower’s top. :D

Besides testing and bug-fixing, the other thing left to do is review older demons to see if any of the new abilities would make sense for them. I don’t expect many changes of this type this time around, but there will probably be some. :)

The next post should be the release post for the 3/1 build. :D Thank you for your patience, the wait’s almost over!

Release Date Target: 3/1

Hey folks. :) Quick update to let you know the Tower 24-26 build will be released on March 1st. I apologize for the mild delay here near the end, but the wait is almost over. :D

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Some Demon Previews

With the abilities done, I’ve begun implementing the demons and the encounters they will be a part of. :) For this update, here’s a few previews. :D


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Ability Preview: Icons

I finished the ability icons earlier this week, and have become implementing the new abilities. :D I’m about 50% done with the implementation, and when I’m done with that I’ll begin posting some detailed previews of selected demons. :)

But in the meantime, here’s the ability icons to take a sneak peek at. :D


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Ability List for the 24-26 Build

Here’s the list of new abilities, around 40 total, that are coming in the next build. :D

As previously mentioned, a good many of these will be possible to see much earlier than the new floors. I’d guesstimate about 2/3rds of them will end up on Tier 1 and Tier 2 modifier lists (which means they will appear on randomly modified demons and corpses in those areas.)


Next step: ability icons and ability implementation. :D See you again soon for the next update!

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Progress Update

Hey folks :D

Holiday’s over so I’m back at it. :) Currently, I’m working on the new abilities that all the demons I’ve been previewing will use. Additionally, when I make new abilities, if appropriate, I also make other Tier versions of them (i.e.: if I need Flame Dart, a Tier 1 Fire attack, for a new demon, I’ll probably also make Flame Arrow and Flame Blast, the Tier 2 and Tier 3 versions) or “adjacent” abilities (i.e.: If I make Iron Will, a Passive that reduces debuff status effect durations, for a new demon, I’ll probably also make Iron passives for other status effect types.)

All of that means two things: there will be a decent number of new abilities coming in this build, and not all of them will be directly on the new demons, or even necessarily end-game only: some will also be added to modifier lists and the like where they can show up earlier in the Tower. :)

Once I get further along with these, I’ll begin showing specific Demon previews that showcase some of the new abilities. :D Until then, good luck in the Tower. :)

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