Some Of The Changed Demons

Whew: all the ability related work is Done. Every ability is implemented. Every ability has been distributed across modifiers and demons new and old, and every one that should have a place, does. The only things left between us and the release are some promised bug fixes and tweaks, and of course, a bit of testing. :)

In the mean time, here are some examples of existing demons whose ability sets were upgraded/changed as part of the pass discussed in the last post:

Echeneis2 Aspis2 Zaltys2 Virtue2Oni2 Incubus2 Jotunn2

One response to “Some Of The Changed Demons

  1. As if jotunn weren’t nasty enough! Really. My last two runs to reach the 20s were ice-weak and they’re so deadly, as well as wechuge for the latter. At least everyone else is getting an extra ability to be more flexible or better at what they already do.
    These new abilities look pretty interesting. I can’t wait to see the rest of them!